ARTISTRodger MacPhail

Rodger MacPhail (1953 – )

Rodger MacPhail was born in 1953 in West Houghton, Lancashire and is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished wildlife artists in Britain today. After studying at both Liverpool and Coventry Art Colleges, he achieved the rare distinction of having a painting published on the front cover of The Shooting Times at the age of just 19.

McPhail claims he took to painting because he was no good at anything else, but his extraordinary talent was recognized early by Tony Jackson, then editor of the Shooting Times, who introduced him to the art dealer Hon. Aylmer Tryon. McPhail regards Dutch artist Rien Poortvliet (1932–1995) as his greatest mentor. Although he makes frequent use of his camera and other references, McPhail has a photographic memory and is skilled at working quickly and accurately.

A keen naturalist, Rodger has spent countless hours tracking and observing his subjects, and this first-hand knowledge is immediately evident in his work. He has had numerous exhibitions at the Tryon Gallery in London, has illustrated several wildlife books, and his work is represented in some of the most significant private and public collections around the world.

McPhail is a leading British sporting and wildlife artist, at the very forefront of the genre. He is also a sensitive portraitist and is in demand as a cartoonist and illustrator. Some same he is the heir to Thorburn.