ARTISTRené-Charles Edmond His

René-Charles-Edmond His (1877 – 1960)

René-Charles-Edmond His was something of a recluse, born in the small town of Colombes in France, with very little of his life now historically recorded. He did however become a member of La Société des Artistes Français in 1897, and received a bronze medal in 1900. He went on to live a long life, venturing most often to the costal regions of Provence, and to Algeria.

Examples of his work, which aimed to perfect woodland and riverbank landscapes, are comparatively rare. He took most notable inspiration from Henri Biva in this regard, and was taught by greats such as Jules Lefebvre, Tony Robert-Fleury and Leon Tanzi. I particularly enjoy his masterful treatment of light and distance in landscapes, epitomised in this costal piece.